Skin rejuvenation and body contouring

Radio frequency device specifically for facial rejuvenation and body contouring. Visible results from the first session and long-lasting effects.

It is possible to radically slow down present and future ageing of the skin with safyre treatments. Its facial and body treatments obtain unique results, erasing the passing of time and contouring the figure in an unbeatable way.

The purpose of radio frequency is to improve the quality of the skin and stimulate collagenesis by heating the adipose tissue and tissue at cutaneous level through heat diffusion.

Radio frequency is one of the fastest technologies on the market. It is a non-invasive and painless method suitable for all types of patients. The results offered by safyre are visible from the first session and are long lasting on the skin.

safyre has been designed to adapt it to the needs of each patient; its accessories have interchangeable heads facilitating the comfort of the treatments and improving the results. With safyre you can achieve: redefinition of facial contour; reduction of wrinkles and expression lines; reduction of bags and rings; lifting of the periocular area; naso labial wrinkles filling; body drainage; cellulite elimination; body reduction and contouring.

What is radio frequency?

Radio frequency aims to heat the different layers of the dermis in a controlled way in order to active the collagen formation, the lymphatic drainage, the fibroblasts migration, and the skin and subcutaneous tissue circulation.

How does safyre work?

Safyre is a radiofrequency equipment suitable for facial rejuvenation and body contouring.

Facial rejuvenation: safyre produces a heating at dermic level which stimulates the collagen production causing an immediate tightening effect and a visible improvement of the tissues. There is a wrinkles reduction of a 3% and the skin is lighter and more toned.

Body contouring: cellulite elimination and body reaffirmation are the results that safyre offers from the first session. The secret is in the elastin fibers and collagen activation that helps to regenerate damaged skin and to reduce fat tissue. The effect is a smooth and firm skin as well as a visible reduction of the fat tissue.

Are safyre facial treatments suitable for all ages?

safyre is suitable for the four stages of ageing, obtaining maximum results in each skin type.

Stage I: This is an initial stage. There are no wrinkles or if there are they are very fine. Slightly pronounced pigmentary alterations are observed. It is associated with young women with photo- ageing due to extrinsic factors such as climate and bad habits.

Stage II: The first expression lines appear. It is associated with moderate photo-ageing and the skin shows a slight sallow colouring. Paranasal lines are observed.

Stage III: Advanced photo-ageing. The skin shows a pronounced sallow colouring and presents pigmentary abnormalities.

Stage IV: Wrinkles are deep and the skin presents a sallow-greyish colour. Flaccidity is very pronounced and the facial oval presents sagging and very little definition.

How does safyre work in body treatments?

safyre works in 3 phases:

Drainage: In this phase the elimination of the liquid found between the walls of the different cells of the tissue is produced by natural processes.

Reduction: Localised adiposity is treated on certain parts of the body. Three characteristics of tissue are differentiated: soft, oedematous or fibrotic, and it is necessary to identify these in order to obtain the best results.

Reaffirming: Activation of the collagen and elastin fibres to provide greater firmness of the skin and a redefining and tightening effect.

How often should treatments with radio frequency be carried out?

To obtain the best results with safyre, we recommend that clients receive a series of treatments, ranging between 8 and 15, depending on the individual needs of each one. Weekly treatments are recommended in order to obtain the desired results.

Can safyre treatments be combined with other technologies?

Yes they can. Even though safyre treatments offer very good results, their combination with other technologies, like pressotherapy offered by our device adagyo, will boost their effect. cocoon medical recommend making a correct diagnosis in order to achieve the perfect and desired result.

Do safyre treatments have any counter-indications?

The contra-indications of radio frequency are minimum, however this type of treatment is not recommended in the case of pregnancy or breast feeding and persons with serious heart disease or connective tissue and neuromuscular diseases. These are the main contra- indications. Your physician or therapist will inform you of others.

* facial rejuvenation

* body contouring

* cellulite elimination

* body massage