Diode laser hair removal

Diode laser platform developed with the same technology as our medical device PrimeLase. Elysion’s maximum peak power is 2000W and it has different wavelengths (755nm and 810nm) in order to work with all skin phototypes any time of the year.

The skin phototype is one of the important factors with respect to achieving best results with the minimum number of sessions. According to the Fitzpatrick scale, there are six different phototypes (I-VI), and the fairest skins are those that accept a greater amount of energy with the least risk of undesired effects. Darker skin phototypes are therefore the most highly limiting ones for certain types of emission.

elysion-pro is a work platform that allows different wavelengths to be chosen in a single device, giving it versatility and the most demanding precision.

755nm: effective on fair skins, allowing the finest hair to be permanently removed and with less level of pigment including the residual hair of the last sessions.

810nm: indicated to work in all skin phototypes as well as all types of hair.

The elysion-pro platform is designed to work in all skin phototypes and all kind of hair helping to work both in the first session, with high density of hair, as in the last session with residual hair.

There is static and dynamic modes which allow working with a high repetition rate and high energies with a very short pulse duration, making a big difference with the rest of the devices in the market both in technology and results.

What is LASER hair removal?

The aim of LASER hair removal is to destroy hair follicles so that the hair does not appear again. To achieve this result, a LASER capability of reaching the follicle is used. The light energy applied is absorbed by the melanin and is converted into heat, destroying the follicle without affecting the surrounding tissue.

How does elysion-pro work?

elysion-pro is a diode laser. The primary principle behind laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis, the matching of a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration to obtain optimal effect on a chromophore with no damaging effect on surrounding tissue.

elysion-pro’s cooling is unique “crystal freeze” system. This is a cooling system for the tip of the handpiece based on TRT (thermal relaxation time), the time that is necessary to reduce the temperature generated by the LASER beam on the tissue. This exclusive system works by maintaining a constant temperature of 6ºC at the tip of the handpiece, producing a pleasant sensation on the skin during hair removal.

Is hair removal with elysion-pro suitable for all skin types?

Skin types are classified on a scale from I to VI depending on the tone of the skin and its tanning capacity, also on the type of the hair. Under skin type I we find people with a very pale skin and red hair, with skin type VI corresponding to black skin with strong and dark hair. Hair removal with elysion-pro is suitable to treat of all skin types, including tanned skins, and so hair removal sessions can continue during summer time with no seasonal break.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Studies have shown up to 80% reduction in hair after series of treatment. There are 3 cycles of hair growth: Anagen – when hair is actively growing, Catagen- hair is dormant, Telogen  – when hair is falling out. We can destroy with the laser beam hair follicles only in the active cycle. Hair follicles are in different cycles that is why we need more than one treatment.

How many sessions are needed?

The length of the treatment will be influenced by the type of hair, area to be treated and the specific needs of each patient. Generally, the number of sessions will vary between 6 and 10, always depending on the criteria of the professional.

How long does each session last?

It depends on the size of the area. It can vary between 10 minutes (upper lip) and between 30 and 60 minutes (full legs).

Do elysion-pro treatments have any side-effects?

The side-effects of LASER hair removal are minimal, however, this type of treatments is not recommended in the case of pregnancy, active skin or mucous infections and in the area with a tattoo. Also, cancer can be a contraindication.

* permanent hair removal